Before you submit, please purchase the COPELAND VALLEY SAMPLER. This will give you an idea the type of things we are seeking to publish. We would also encourage you to read at least one other CVP book. After all, why would you want to have your book published by a press you are not familiar with?

Things we are looking for include any offbeat fiction but especially that which has to do with some sort of pop culture and in particular anything from the 1980s and early 1990s. We are also interested in nonfiction on obscure pop culture topics. Other genres we accept: weird fiction, horror, literary fiction, and bizarro. But before you submit, please realise we are looking for OFFBEAT original fiction/nonfiction. If submitting horror, please remember NO ZOMBIES!! We are quite sick of that subgenre and are not interested in it at all.

Below are rules on how to query. If your email does not comply, chances are you may not get a response.

1.) Send an email to with the words “Submission Query” in the subject line. When you email us, please be personal. Do not just copy and paste the query you sent to 10 other publishers. We want to know that you came to COPELAND VALLEY PRESS for a reason. Introduce yourself in a few sentences. Tell us how you found us and THEN….

2.) Give a short summary of your novel/novella/collection/nonfiction. By short summary, we mean one paragraph. You may use comparisons as well (such as: “Think BOYS MEETS WORLD as written by Gaspar Noe).

3.) DO NOT send an attachment or excerpt from your work unless we specifically ask for it.

4.) Please allow a month for a reply. After that month, you may send a POLITE follow-up email in order to remind us. We DO NOT reply to rude or impersonal emails.

5.) Be nice. We have no patience for socially inept twits.

If you understand all of the above, feel free to email COPELAND VALLEY PRESS. Thanks!

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