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by William Pauley III


When electricity hangs in the air so thick the moon and stars fizzle and drown in a sea of light, the people living within it, breathing it in, can never be “normal.” From disfigured mutants accidentally murdering God to men falling in love with blood-thirsty VCRs, we promise you’ve never read anything as bizarre as this! In these six tales, Pauley explores the lives of those living in the darkest corners of the world, those living electric: GODDAMN ELECTRIC NIGHTS.

Get your goddamn electric hands on the book HERE.


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by Gary J Shipley


“The Face Hole is at once a testimony and a dossier, a metaphysical mystery of discarded anatomies, a cavernous and patient document of Ballardian estrangement. Here Shipley’s writing enters a kind of austerity — narrative stripped down to an elemental level, filled with the detritus of everyday life, flecks of flesh and nuanced glances, stray motives and oblique intentions, the most familiar of objects quietly vanishing — all of which induces in the reader a dread as vast as it is subtle. A welcome edition to Shipley’s ongoing experiments with the limits of language and bodies.”
– Eugene Thacker, author of In the Dust of This Planet
For your face hole, click your mouse HERE.

PAST RELEASES (newest to oldest):


by Josh Myers










“Myers is a rare voice in modern fiction. One who uses many of the precepts of genre writing to explore something deeper within himself.” – Matthew Revert, author of BASAL GANGLIA

“Hurting someone pointlessly is as easy as ABC…”
Past sins turn a simple job into an exercise in violence and vengeance.
Somewhere in New Jersey, a man is waiting.
His name is Organ.
He flies planes.


Stick to your Guns HERE.

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by Gary J Shipley


Copeland Valley purposefully have not released an official description of this book.

Dive into dreaming HERE.

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by Jordan Krall


From Jordan Krall, author of BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE APOCALYPSE DONKEYS, comes a novel in the tradition of early J. G. Ballard, William Burroughs, and Barry Malzberg. Exploring the concepts of personal and public tragedy, this is a book unlike anything Krall has written before: a collection of brief chapters in an infinite universe of physical and mental illness, urban destruction, and the cracks in society we fight to ignore. This is the last book in the series that began in FALSE MAGIC KINGDOM and continued in BAD ALCHEMY and THE GOG AND MAGOG BUSINESS.


Unfortunately FALSE MAGIC KINGDOM, BAD ALCHEMY, and THE GOG AND MAGOG BUSINESS is completely sold out, however you can still purchase a copy of YOUR CITIES, YOUR TOMBS by clicking this BUTTON.

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by Matthew Revert


A collection of wonderfully absurd and oddly touching stories from Australia’s favorite son.

The scourge of sex continues to degrade us, undermining the superior moral fibre of which we are capable. It seems one can’t leave the house without falling prey to orgy gangs or pornographic film shoots. Rather than admonishing prurient genital tendencies, we make a sport of celebrating them. There is a mistaken belief that sexuality is a natural part of the human condition. This fallacy has plunged us into damp-crotched darkness.

This is the story of a superior man unwilling to bend to the will of society’s sex addiction. This is a document detailing the lengths some of us will go to avoid sex, and why sometimes it’s not as easy as one assumes.

Click HERE to get your copy.

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by Josh Myers

From the author of JOINING THE PLANKTON, comes this mindblowing debut novel.

All Peter wanted to do was sign some books and talk about halibut. But in Demolition, NJ, nothing is ever quite that simple. Blast off into a pop-culture kaleidoscope of conspiracy and intrigue, nightmares and daydreams, sex and violence and maybe, just maybe, the end of the world. What horrors lurk beneath the deserts of New Jersey?

Buy it HERE.

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by William Pauley III

doom magnetic paperback full

Chorizo, Nevada is full of dusty streets, gritty men and filthy women – the perfect place for a man chock-full of secrets to hide. But one fateful day, his past catches up to him… A Japanese assassin with a cue-ball eye, who goes by the name of Qoser, invades the town with an army of two-foot eyeless minions who have a taste for human blood. He has two things on his mind – Where is his purple television? And who is the dead man that stole it from him? DOOM MAGNETIC! is a fast-paced sci-fi/western space opera packed full of sex, violence, cosmic voids, vortexes, Coliseum-style combat, genetically-engineered mutant giants, breathy brain whispers, and cigar smoke torture chambers.

Available for purchase right HERE.

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by Eric Mays

From Eric Mays, the brilliantly witty mind that brought you NAKED METAMORPHOSIS comes this karaoke epic.

Odie Wharton knows there is a power to rockin’ the ‘oke. Standing in front of a ravenous (and often critical) crowd at the Ithaca Lounge in an epic clash of Karaoke Roulette brings about a high that is unlike anything on this Earth. Or so it does for Odie. Power, glory, sweat, tears, and maybe a little afternoon delight can all be had at the karaoke mic.

But someone has changed the rules. Seems in the seedy karaoke underbelly of Baltimore, a trio of nymphomaniacal sirens are aiming to ruin the karaoke game…and at a cost. Local barflies are vanishing. Men are becoming pregnant. Odie may have to move out of his mother’s house! Oh the horror!

At some point, there’s only so much a self-confessed schlub can take. Recruiting a few local drunks, a rag-tag band of Russians, and a humble DJ, Odie assembles a “Karaoke Death Squad” determined to thwart the trio’s treachery – even if it takes them to the pits of hell – all to keep karaoke fair and balanced. Oh yes, the Karaoke Death Squad is going to rock (some Groban)!

“Mays belts out his prose with the swagger of Mick Jagger, taking you on a narrative odyssey that includes a reluctant hero, a trio of dangerous sirens, and karaoke roulette.  Fun and imaginative, Karaoke Death Squad hits all the right notes.” – S.G. Browne, author of Breathers and Fated

Buy this HERE.

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by Jordan Krall

Jordan Krall’s most provocative work to date.  A rare film is the catalyst for bizarre murder, kinky infidelity, and an identity crisis that borders on the apocalyptic. Unlike any of the author’s other works, this book will surely please fans of David Lynch and other mindbenders. Austin Post called it “an unbounded work of literature that strongly defies what words can do while simultaneously celebrating what they can accomplish when carefully put together in a maddening dance of symbolism, connotations, denotations and sublime erotic detonations.”

You can add this to your collection HERE.

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by Various Artists

The Copeland Valley Press and Civic Society are proud to announce the release of the Copeland Valley Sampler. Featuring the unique talents of: James Andre, Garrett Cook, Chuck Copeland, J. Helminth Jr., Jordan Krall, Ash Loman, Eric Mays, William Pauley III, Matthew Revert, Magen Toole, and Jason Wuchenich.

The Three Stooges meeting William S. Burroughs…in the wild west! A man in love with his apartment! An in-depth and pathological analysis of Driller Killer! Satanic Panic…’80s style! Skater haircuts and slap bracelets! And much, much more! This collection defies genre labels and provides a wild ride through the eccentric world of COPELAND VALLEY, a place you will never, ever want to leave.

Buy this cultural curio here.

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